Byregot's Ward
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Welcome to Byregot's Ward! Our store provides a variety of goods and services to Eorzeans and their allies. If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll make it or retrieve it for you!
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The Goblets, Ward 18 #17

What to Look For

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The Ward's Collections

In pursuit of knowledge? The studium may have what you need.

Need a Job Done?

Inquire with the shop!

Wish to schedule an appointment on a day besides the Production Floor? Reach out to us! We're here to help anyone who needs to meet a story beat or needs help with upcoming events. Contact the proprietor in game on Garrett [email protected], or in Discord at The-Penman#8782

What to Look For

Byregot’s Ward offers a variety of goods and crafts, delivered to you by our expert crafters and developers. Whether you need something as simple as a tonic, or something more intricate like armor, weapons, or even enchanted goods, you will likely find it here at the Ward. We offer:

  • Potions, Elixirs, and Tonics

  • Weapons and Armor

  • Clockwork Machina

  • Tailored Suits, Dresses, and Leathers

  • Jewelry, Gems, and Materia

  • Reagents and Materials

  • Limited Magitek Stock

  • Enchanted Armaments & Wares

  • Spellbound Artifabrials

  • Cut Aether-Infused Stones & Gems

  • And More!

If you don’t find what you are looking for, ask if you can commission something specific! We take most orders and jobs, including any filed by the scrip exchange. Ask for Garrett with any questions.

All orders taken during the Production Floor receive a 10-20% discount upon time of completion

(OOC Gil exchange not necessary)

The Ward's Collections

Are you a researcher or scholar looking for particular texts and books? Byregot’s Ward has various collections of manuals, textbooks, journals, research papers, and stories that range in topics, from histories of nations to the science of magic. Mayhap we have what you are looking for? Come chat with the Ward’s proprietor or one of our researchers and explore options to either rent or buy books from the Studium; or arrange meetings with like-minds, colleagues, and members of the Ward. Be on the lookout for workshops and talks on various academic subjects, hosted by members of Byregot's Ward or Guest speakers!

Contracting and Work

Byregot's Ward is accepting Leves and Field Commissions for the Alliance and for Private Citizens alike. Namely Expedition Work, Field Research, Security & Magic Assessments, and Construction! Speak with the proprietor if you have a potential job for the Ward!